Headless Way Workshop May 24

Good news! Richard Lang is returning to Canada to offer another Headless Way seminar.

This immersive session presents a direct experience “seeing” technique that is dead simple and yet extremely profound. It was developed by Douglas Harding, who describes his original insight thus:

“The best day of my life — my rebirthday, so to […]

The Present Moment

“Come, not only to look at a map of the spiritual country, but to possess it and walk in it without fear of losing your way. Come, not to study the history of God’s divine action, but to be its object; not to learn what it has achieved throughout the centuries and still does, but […]

Douglas Harding: Four Stages of Life

Douglas Harding was the brilliant man who discovered, and fearlessly shared, his highly original insights (including most famously “The Headless Way”) for decades. Here he is teaching about the four stages of life. Harding died in 2007, nearly 98 and still gobsmacked by life. Fortunately for us many of his friends (he never called them students!) learned the practice and many of them share it enthusiastically. […]