Meditation and the Comfort Zone

Does your meditation make your comfort zone more comfortable? Or less? Which do you prefer? […]

Do You Want To?

“This is a beautiful garden. I’d like to have one just like it. How do you make a garden like this?” “Twenty years hard work.” “Never mind,” said Nasrudin. […]

Cheerful News

Ink scroll by Nagasawa ROSETSU (Japan, 1754-1799)

The world is assailed by death And smothered by old age; Pierced with the arrow of craving And always obscured by desires.

The world is assailed by death And besieged by old age; Eternally beaten, with no relief, Like a thief beneath the rod.

Old age, illness […]

Distracting Thoughts

“All you have to do is decide that wherever you are is the best place there is. Once you start comparing one place to another, there’s no end to it.” — Sodo Yokoyama

The late Zen teacher Sodo Yokoyama gave a clear summary of his teaching in a letter to a friend in 1977. This […]

Te Shan

When Te Shan left northern China on foot heading south, determined to destroy what he had heard as the teaching of a special transmission outside of doctrine, he was a dedicated Buddhist scholar thoroughly attached to formal learning.

One day close to the end of his southern journey he met an Old Woman selling refreshments […]