My teachers, Ruth Gilbert and Jon Parmenter, are giving a talk in downtown Toronto on Thursday July 3 at 7:00pm. They live on the west coast and since they do not actively seek new students or maintain a public profile, the opportunity to hear them teach is rare and valuable.

Their topic this year is […]

Start from the Heart

My colleague Freyda Isaacs is teaming up with David Scammell to offer a 9-week experiential workshop using the chakra system as the basis for self-exploration.

I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in energy work or healing.

The course starts on the evening of Tuesday April 8 and continues to June 3, at […]

Dharma Name Generator

It is customary, when embarking on a spritual path, to adopt a new name. In the Tibetan tradition, one receives a new name with each vow.

Some people take this VERY seriously…and when I consider the situation, my tongue inevitably finds its way into my cheek. I’ve developed my own automated Dharma Name Generator. Click […]