Resource List

Online Resources

Shakyamuni’s Life and Teachings – great all-round introduction to Buddhism.

Mind Training – link to a random Mind Training instruction from a 12th century Buddhist master. Has a mobile version that is accessed automatically when you visit through smartphone’s browser.

Male and Female body outlines – Line drawings of the body; helpful for noting physical experiences of energy and emotion.

Recommended Reading – some books that offer helpful concepts

Refuge Prayers

Qi Gong – a booklet of instructions (in PDF form) on how to do the exercises we use in class

The Right Stuff

Meditation SuppliesSnow Lion at 708 Pape Avenue (at Danforth) in Toronto has great meditation supplies, including cushions and benches. Theodore, the owner, will spend as much time as you need making sure you get the right cushion. Highly recommended.

Samadhi Cushions – if you prefer or need to order online, Samadhi Cushions in Vermont is a great resource for all supplies.

Carolina Morning – another on-line purveyor of supplies, this company offers an inflatable travel meditation cushion that I use.

Meditation Timers – In addition to physical timers you can obtain through the above businesses, there are a bunch of smartphone apps for this. My favourite is called Equanimity, it’s very simple and the bell sound is nice. You can also get a mindfulness bell (something that chimes periodically to remind you to be mindful) AND timer through Zazen Lite. Both are free.